It is impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle if you do not get enough sleep. It affects your mood and your body’s vital functions. Adequate sleep boosts your energy – both physical and mental. Some say that everyone should sleep 8 hours a day while others state that six is quite enough.

While most of us will listen to doctors’ advice about the quantity of sleep, some will surely decide upon their own needs. Until doctors agree about the number of hours everyone should spend sleeping, you should read about the benefits of longer sleep.


Since sleep affects metabolism, people that sleep less may have a problem with weight. When one suffers from sleep deprivation, metabolism slows down and you may gain weight. In addition, if you sleep less, you will feel drained and you will be hungrier during your day.

Obesity can cause hormonal disorders such as diabetes (high level of blood sugar), hypogonadism (testosterone deficiency); it can also affect sex and growth hormones. Sleep well to stay fit.


We have all experienced a lack of focus in the morning after a bad night’s sleep; we are slower, we need more time to think, decide and solve a problem. It is pretty similar to the cases when we stay up all night and do not sleep enough.

Most people have noticed how busy their mind can be when they go to bed. Different ideas, projects and to-do lists come to our minds when we are in bed. We tend to summarize the entire day when we close our eyes; things we’ve did, books we have read, etc.

To avoid this, some psychologists recommend using a bedroom only for sleeping, so your mind can stop thinking and get a rest.


Some studies show that people who sleep less than six hours a day are at higher risk for a heart failure, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.

When you lack quality sleep, your heart is more prone to various disorders. Scientists and physicians link heart attack and arrhythmia to shortened sleep, because the lack of it causes high blood pressure and increases insulin resistance. Keep in mind that a healthy heart is one of the steps to a longer life.

Although there are times when we wish our days could last longer so we could finish all we have planned for the day, be aware that a good sleep increases life expectancy. Sleep well and you will live longer “you will be able to experience a life filled with activities not just a day.

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