When you suffer from insomnia or any other sleep disorder, it can cause various health problems such as obesity, depression, heart disease and other.

What can you do to cure insomnia? Read this article to find out.

A Bedtime Meditation

Start practicing meditation before you go to bed and you will start achieving deep and restful sleep every night. As one of the sleeping techniques, meditation will clear your mind and slow the mental activity caused by a busy and a long day.

Here is what you can do. You can first choose whether you want to meditate while sitting or lying in bed. In case you want to meditate in bed, lie under your bed sheet, close your eyes, relax both your hands and legs and start taking deep breaths. Concentrate on breathing and do not fight your thoughts; let them pass.

You will soon enter tranquil state of mind and that is how your sleep will also be.

Be Physically Active

Whether you are aware of the benefits of exercising or not, physical activity has a huge impact on quality of your sleep. Various studies have shown that only 3 hours of exercise a week can improve sleeping. It affects not only quality of sleep but overall health. Ride a bike, take a walk and you will sleep like a baby.

If you spend half an hour a day in a gym, your body will thank you. Activity boosts your body’s energy, affects hormonal levels and reduces stress. For instance, exercise will boost your testosterone level that will help you get stronger and it will increase serotonin that has a huge part in making you happy.

What to Avoid

There are common causes of sleep disorders. You can change them by changing your bad habits. For instance, many people do not know that a late meal can affect their sleeping because the stomach will be busy during the nighttime.

Avoid drinking energy drinks because they will wake you up; you should have a cup of a caffeine-free tea instead since it will have a calming effect on you.

Although mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives, try to avoid using your phone; the light of its screen has a negative effect on your sleep.

In case the advice given in this article cannot help you, you can always consult a doctor. Many herbal supplements are great for improving night rest and physicians can prescribe them.


According to a research study of Filipino men, if a father shares a bed or a room with his child, his testosterone (T) level drops while he is asleep. Researchers state that men who were less involved in parenting and that did not share their room or bed with children had higher levels of the hormone.

In addition, dads with a newborn baby show a decrease of approximately 30% in testosterone levels. So why does fatherhood lower T?


The study shows that a high level of T in males is linked to mating, libido and competing for a female and dominance in the world of males. When a man does not have to compete with other men, his T level will drop. He just changes his role from a mating partner into a parent.

In most cultures, women are those that are associated with nurture, protection of a child and parenting. When one is a father, he stops behaving like a mating partner and, since testosterone is the primary sex hormone, he has no need to compete with other men.


The study also links the hormone’s level to how new dads are responsive to their newborns. If a father nurtures his newborn child, it is very probable that he has a lower T in his body than fathers who do not answer to a crying baby’s calls. This implies that creating a bond with a child will lower the T, but a dad will become more family-oriented.

Besides, the primary sex hormone has an effect on behavior of men, and those that are more involved in their child’s care will show less aggressive behavior.

The Quality of Sleep

When a parent sleeps with his child, especially when the child is a newborn, night sleep may be disrupted many times, for instance, to feed the baby, to change diapers or just to check if a child is safe.

Some scientists have proven that there is a connection between a lack of quality sleep and a drastically decreased testosterone level. The less a man sleeps, the lower the hormone’s level is.

Although T is a sex hormone that is associated with masculinity, co-sleeping with a child should never be considered disadvantage. It can be comfortable for both father and a baby.

Certainly, co-sleeping with a child will affect T level, but it will have some positive effects; it will improve parenthood and create a bond between a child and a parent.

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